"Turn Your City Green"

Plants are elevated from the ground and are getting a new living space. Up the wall. The innovation that 3house products bring is the ease of use. No heavy soil or complicated constructions needed.

Mission Statement


3house is a design studio for products, ideas and concepts with a single motto:

Creating a Better World.

Who We Are


Xiaowen Ju and Ronald van de Cappelle. Different cultures, the same ideology; this is the time to make good things happen.

What We Do


We strongly believe that good products are a combination of responsible design and brilliant science. Therefore we are cooperating with brilliant and responsible people. The first product that will leave its crib will make vertical gardening ‘a walk in the park’.

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With its roots in Amsterdam…

Something is growing in A-lab Amsterdam. To make your city a healthy and green city....

a good news Carrier

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some Problems to solve…

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Bamboo, our loyal servant.

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